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The first week or so that a home is on the market for sale is a nail biter for most sellers!  Will it be that way for you?  Maybe not, not if you take 5 simple steps to MAKE A BUYER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOUSE.

The National Association of Realtors claims that more than ½ of all homes are actually sold in the heart of a buyer before the agent even unlocks the front door.  The other half?  They never stood a chance to sell to these potential buyers and here’s why.

First impressions inspire LOVE or they give off a vibe of THIS PLACE NEEDS TONS OF WORK!

The “tons of work” home even causes many potential buyers to cry out “don’t even stop, I’m not interested.”  Sometimes it can be very tough for buyers to see past any kind flaw, even if the flaw is an easy, inexpensive fix.

In fact, since most of them are easily fixed, wouldn’t it make good sense (and dollars, too!) to go ahead and take care of these 5 easy things that will make for a great first impression before the For Sale is planted in the front yard?

  • Clear and clean the path; trim back over hanging branches or plants so the walk to the house is crisp and sharp!
  • Sweep; not just the sidewalk and driveway, but the entire front entryway! Remove leaves and debris that may have blown up on the porch, sweep away the habitation of spiders.  Neat and tidy wins a buyers heart!
  • If windows are truly the eyes of a home make sure your house has bright shining eyes looking with love on the buyers coming to visit. Don’t forget the screens, too.
  • A fresh coat of cheerful paint on the front door says “come on in, we’re glad you’re here” like nothing else can.
  • A tasteful garden flag can add whimsy and color and a welcoming touch with very little investment.

Competition can be fierce, so you want to give your house every advantage to show off its charm and beauty to every potential buyer who takes the time to visit.




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