Choosing an Agent

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about real estate agents.  We know they ‘re out there, opening doors, writing contracts and closing sales, but until it’s time to buy or sell property we don’t usually put a lot of thought into who we would hire if we were buying or selling […]

Tax Savings for Home Owners

  The tax advantages of being a home owner is only one of the many reasons owning a home builds more wealth than renting.  When tax season rolls around each year it may not feel like it, but knowing where your savings are can help take the sting out of the final tally. Every person’s […]

Attracting a Great Mortgage Package; Looking Good to a Seller

  Is this the year you’ve settled the question and will be purchasing a home of your own? This past year, inventory of available homes for sale has been tighter than in past markets.  Taking that into consideration, you don’t want to get caught unprepared!  Some disappointments can be easily avoided; like the disappointment of […]

Dear Home Seller…

To the Seller of THE ONE I’ll choose as my New Home: I’m serious about owning a home and your house may be exactly what I am looking for.  I don’t want to miss out on my perfect new home, so I thought I’d fill you in on a few things from my point of […]

Signs of a Good Time to Buy

How happy would it make you to know that you could spend a lot less and still start your New Year in a new home of your very own? Simply being able to read the signs accurately can be your ticket to saving thousands of dollars on your home purchase!  Perhaps you’re questioning if the […]

Reduce stress on Moving Day!

Did you know that the average American moves more than a dozen times in their lifetime?  With that in mind, how many more moves might there be in your future? No matter what that number may be, considering that moving is listed as one of the TOP THREE most stressful times in life, may I […]

What NOT to do before Closing

For a minute or two it might feel like you’re actually dreaming; the paperwork is done, the place has been found, the offer has been made and you are marking the calendar with the date you will close on your new home! Even though you’ve been pre-approved for your new mortgage there are some actions […]

Should you pay Cash for your Home Purchase?

How many times have you said if you won the lottery the first thing you would do is pay off your mortgage?  Or buy a house?  But is paying cash for a home always the right choice? Ultimately, while the freedom from mortgage payments may be a big draw it isn’t automatically the best choice […]

The 3 Best Reasons to Buy a Home Now!

Rents are continuing to rise at alarming rates.  Like many renters, you may be facing substantial increases in your monthly cost when the time to renew your lease arrives.  The average rental hikes are anywhere from 4.9% to as high as 11.2% over last year’s costs. Maybe you’ve been thinking the time is right to […]



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