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Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about real estate agents.  We know they ‘re out there, opening doors, writing contracts and closing sales, but until it’s time to buy or sell property we don’t usually put a lot of thought into who we would hire if we were buying or selling property.

Perhaps you already know someone in the business and just assume they would be the best choice when the time comes?  Maybe….and maybe not.choosing-an-agent

The Family/Friend Factor

While hiring family or a friend could mean they will care more about you and treat you better, it could also mean the opposite.  They just might take for granted that you will understand when they put your needs on hold in favor of giving greater attention to the non-family, non-friend clientele.

Most importantly if the situation gets sticky you absolutely need an experienced licensed agent to keep you from being STUCK!

All agents are the same; AREN’T THEY?

All agents are not equal in training, experience or ability.  All brokerages offer differing levels of customer service.  Choosing the best agent for your wants and needs right from the beginning of the process will help you avoid a stress filled nightmare in your real estate transaction.

  • EXPERIENCE: The agent who has been practicing the longest is always the best choice – NOT!  While some agents embrace current technology, combining it with years of practicing experience, don’t assume all agents do. ASK about the marketing practices they’ll employ on your behalf.
  • SKILL SET: Negotiating is a delicate art.  In a hot market or a slow moving market, you need an agent with the skill set to negotiate a WIN/WIN transaction agreement.  Losing a sale due to poor agent interactions happens when negative tactics are employed.
  • ATTENTION: More sales are torpedoed due to small details being forgotten or ignored, or completion dates not adhered to. Real estate contracts contain complexities that require great attention to detail and organized execution to bring them to successful completion.  Missed details may only cost you a few thousand dollars or they may cost the whole sale, but they will cost you.


Hiring an agent you are comfortable and compatible with is always a good idea.  Once those qualities are discovered, look further for an agent who embraces compassionate astute customer service with the most advanced marketing techniques available.

Now you are on your way to one of the best experiences in buying or selling property!




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