Dressing a Home for Successful Sale

Oh My, How Time Flies By!

After 27 years in your dream home the time to move up or move on is here.  Change is never easy and the longer you’ve been in a place, the more comfortable you’ve become.  So comfortable I imagine, that you don’t even notice anymore the tiny missing corner of the tile right in the middle of the kitchen floor.  In fact the need to repair that tile hasn’t been on your radar since that day about 16 years ago when…what was it?….something heavy dropped and caught the tile just right cutting out that little chip.

That little chip that has become a huge, glaring flaw in the eyes of the potential buyer considering making your comfy, familiar house their new living quarters.

The Time to Make Your Move Has Arrivedwelcome_mat

As you’ve decided it definitely is time to sell the house you need to take stock; what other comfortable and easily overlooked defects might be lurking that a new owner won’t be so comfortable about?

For your absolute best sales experience, we need to make sure every potential buyer see’s your home as the valuable gem you know it to be.

The All Important First Impression

When a buyer pulls up to the front of the house, it’s time to WOW them!   We’ve got to make that first impression count because no matter how beautiful the interior may be, if the outside view doesn’t wow a buyer they may never get to the inside.

Bushes and trees should be pruned, flower beds weeded, walkways clear and easily identified and the lawn kept neat and trim at all times.  Be sure the front windows especially are clean and shiny and the porch and steps are swept clean.  A fresh coat of polish or paint to spruce up the front door and don’t forget to check the doorbell!

Now We’re Ready To Dress For Success

Once the buyer crosses the threshold we want to build on that first impression by letting them see gleaming counter tops that appear endless and closets bursting with space, beautiful space for them to fill with their own belongings.

No matter your personal taste and style, the interior colors simply must speak to a wide variety of potential new owners, so neutrals are always a best choice.  Pay attention to the floors, too, because you can bet those considering a purchase will be paying close attention.

If you were going to an important job interview, what would you wear?  Your best business outfit, right?

That’s what we need to do with the house, dress it in its best for a winning interview with the potential new owner!




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