How to Entice Buyers to Make Higher Purchase Offers

Would you like to get every dollar of equity you deserve from the sale of your home?  One way to help make that happen is to treat the house like a retail item for sale.  Consider that the same principles that would cause a retailer to offer a discount on perfectly good products simply because of a small dent or scratch are the same principles that will be applied to your house in the minds of home buyers.  By understanding what a buyer is thinking and why they think these things as they walk through your home, you can gain an advantage over competing homes on the market.  You don’t want to give potential buyers any reason to view your home as a “bargain bin” candidate which can lower any offer they might make.

Attention to detail before putting a house on the market can make a big difference in the offers you receive.  In this post I propose a few simple tips to help you decide what you may need to do to give a buyer what they are looking for when they walk into your home for sale.

KITCHEN & BATH UPDATES:  New cabinet pulls and an updated faucet are quick and easy ways to refresh these main areas of concern to buyers.  For even greater appeal, changing out counter tops to more modern materials could increase any offer made by several thousand dollars.

NEUTRAL WALL COLORS: Each of the children chose their own room colors, but for sale purposes the same neutral color on walls and trim throughout the home gives a unifying feel and makes the spaces seem larger.  For a very small investment you could see a very large return.

FLOORING:  Stained carpet, scratched wood flooring or faded linoleum all scream “bargain bin”!  Talk to your real estate agent to determine which changes must be made that can add up to big dollars before planting the for sale sign on the lawn.

DECLUTTERING:  Clear counter tops, almost empty closets, neat and organized cabinets all add up to plenty of space for their own things in the mind of a home buyer and that can add up to a faster sale for you!  Packing away those precious items puts you ahead of the game for the move you’ll be making and makes it easier for a buyer to see themselves living in the home.

Pleasing the eye of the buyer can be the most important step to sparking that all important emotional response that results in a pleasing written offer to purchase the home!  Contact me for even more ways to dress your house to sell before we put it on the open market.





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