Own Your Home for a Healthier Lifestyle

The decision to go from Renter to Home Owner can seem like a roller coaster ride; exhilarating and frightening all at once! Is this the right decision for you at this time?

Shake away the doubts and take the plunge to what may be the most enjoyable and satisfying ride of your life!

The climb up the hill goes ever so  S  L  O  W  L  Y  while you barely breath.  Then extreme tingling thrills as you fly around each hairpin turn!

Buying a home is an exquisite experience nothing else compares to.  Even that first brand new car purchase doesn’t come close. Like the majority of us, this will probably be the most expensive purchase you will make in your entire lifetime.

This isn’t just an investment in real estate, but an investment in your best healthy future.Group_Of_Friends_Enjoying_Drinks_Party_At_Home_500

  • Financial health and well-being.  While owning a home has a positive effect on your credit history, it also affects your credit future.  A good number of credit decisions that will be made about you will now be viewed more favorably when you are a home owner.  According to a Harvard study, home owners make 15 – 30% higher salaries on average than those that rent.  Welcome, healthier financial future!
  • Personal and emotional health.  All available studies show that people who own their home tend to be happier and show more emotional stability over those who rent.  Perhaps the removal of stress related to rent hikes or fear of losing your lease contribute to this statistic.  It could be because married couples make up about 54% of home owners (statistics show married couples tend to be happier and emotionally more stable).  Whatever the reason is for you, home ownership has been proven to have a positive effect on the overall health of you the home owner.
  • Social health.  With owning a home, restrictive measures usually imposed by landlords are removed.  Studies show there is a greater tendency to host casual gatherings of friends and family, and particularly when there are special occasions to be celebrated.  These increased gatherings lead to increases in social health, because we are all relational creatures by nature.

One of the delightful discoveries you will make as a home owner is the often instant camaraderie with those once perfect strangers you will now call “neighbors”.

Home ownership can lead to:

  • Greater privacy than apartment dwelling or rental situations
  • Greater opportunities for forming new friendships
  • Greater sense of community and belonging that results in a greater sense of stability

Aside from the increased healthy financial benefits and documented socially healthy benefits, your actual physical health responds positively to owning your own home.  Perhaps it has to do with less stress when you know you’ll be returning home to your own castle at the end of each day.  Whatever the reason, like the proverbial apple a day, owning your living space can equal less visits with the doctor.

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