Signs of a Good Time to Buy

How happy would it make you to know that you could spend a lot less and still start your New Year in a new home of your very own?

Simply being able to read the signs accurately can be your ticket to saving thousands of dollars on your home purchase!  Perhaps you’re questioning if the holiday season is the best time to buy your new home?  I assure you it very well could be and properly interpreting the season’s trends in this local marketplace is key to making that decision.

What you need most is guidance on reading all the signs and clarifying what they mean and how they can affect your choices.

Here are just three of the many very good reasons why this holiday season lends itself perfectly to making that home purchase.  Let these encourage you:

  • Sellers may prove more flexible in your favor when negotiating price and/or terms of the sale
  • Less buyers clamoring for attention means lender giving greater focus to details of your transaction
  • Moving day taking place outside of the usual peak season can mean lower rates and special deals on truck rentals or moving services

The real estate consumer could easily find themselves stuck on an unknown back road uncertain of what the signs mean and which to follow to reach their desired destination.  That’s understandable when you consider the conflicting headlines heralding rising home prices one day and falling prices the next.  When in a single neighborhood you could discover anything from a Short Sale or investor rehab potentials all the way to full priced, updated and move in ready homes for sale.

Analyzing all the current facts of this market and how they affect your needs and wants might get overwhelming without an expert “real estate sign reader” at your disposal.  While it’s easy to find the data you need online including such things as the number of homes available to the prices and conditions of those homes, it is just as revealing to know what isn’t selling and why it isn’t selling.  Both the national statistics as well as local statistics are important parts of the equation. Researching all of the statistics may be cumbersome, but necessary to understanding the signs which will uncover the truest full picture you need to see to determine your way forward in this real estate market.

If you are thinking of buying, selling or investing in real estate, turn to your local professional, because it’s always a good time, if you know how to read the signs!





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