The 3 Best Reasons to Buy a Home Now!

Rents are continuing to rise at alarming rates.  Like many renters, you may be facing substantial increases in your monthly cost when the time to renew your lease arrives.  The average rental hikes are anywhere from 4.9% to as high as 11.2% over last year’s costs.
Maybe you’ve been thinking the time is right to invest your hard earned cash in your future financial stability instead of helping someone else build their financial empire?

There are a lot of good reasons to purchase a home, beyond the healthy options I presented earlier and here are three more of the best:


Save On Taxes!

  • On a Federal tax return there are allowable deductions for interest you will pay on a home mortgage
  • Real estate property taxes can add up to another deduction
  • There are allowable credits for Energy Saving appliances
  • Some home renovation costs may be tax deductible

Your tax consultant can give you the details on how much your tax savings can add up to when you own instead of rent.  Often, the savings are substantial enough to make up for the initial purchasing costs like application fees and closing cost fees.


Start Building Your Financial Future!


  • Did you know that when you own a home it can instantly add several points to your Credit Score?
  • Did you know that owning a home usually captures you LOWER interest rates on other things like credit cards or Auto loans?
  • Did you know that combining your Homeowners Insurance and Auto insurances can lower your costs for BOTH?

And did you know that real estate usually offers the highest ROI (return on investment), often far more than stocks, bonds or money market accounts?

Building equity in a home you own affords you more financial freedom than just a cash payment at a time of sale.  Owning your home opens financial doors that may not have been available to you otherwise.

Think about this as well, with rents rising about 15% nationwide, buying a home locks in your monthly payment for housing for the next 15 – 30 years.  While you will experience some maintenance costs with owning as well as ongoing property taxes, these costs are likely more than offset by what you would spend moving from one rental property to the next.


Personal Freedom!

As a renter, you’ve had to live with the wall color choices of someone else.  The flooring choices of someone else.  The kitchen cabinet and counter top choices of someone else.  Someone else has had the final say about what you can and cannot do and the décor you must live with.  Sure, there may be some relief in calling someone else when a pipe springs a leak, but in the long run, is a simple fix to a leaky pipe really worth the freedom you’ve had to sacrifice?

Owning means you choose your wall colors.  It means you can even experiment until you find the surroundings that truly make you happy to live in!  Put in carpet; or remove all the carpeting and experience hardwood flooring!

That garden you’ve been dreaming of planting?  The patio to enjoy your morning coffee on?  The barbeque get togethers you’ve dreamed about?  All available as you please, when you aren’t obligated to please “someone else” who rules over your roost!

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