Top 10 Holiday Decorating Ideas

holiday_jarWhen decorating your home for the holiday season try to link all the decorations together with some common element. It could be the color scheme or the use of similar items. When there is some connection between all the decorations it will bring unity and harmony to your home. Enjoy making your home look beautiful with these holiday season decorating ideas.

1. Jars – Use a variety of jars, see-through containers, bell jars, glass bowls and hurricane lamps to display colorful holiday related items. You can fill the jars with colorful candy, pine cones, berries, flowers, peppermints, candy canes, apples or strings of color coordinated beads. To add to this idea, tie a ribbon around the outside of the jars.

2. Chair Coverings – Use an original idea to cover the backs of your chairs, if you want to tie the chairs into your color scheme then drape them with the appropriate colored cloth and tie a sash around them. Alternatively “dress” your chairs in Santa hats or attach feather angel wings to the back of the chairs.

3. Picture Frames – Use elegant frames displayed on walls, the mantel, window sills, tables and even hung on the Christmas tree. Leave the frames empty so that you can place Christmas objects within the frames like sprigs of holly; hang mini stockings within the frame; place family photos in frames on the tree; make a frame of candy or put a collection of Christmas ornaments behind the frame. You can use a mix of vintage and modern frames.

4. Bells – Find as many types of bells as you can and make them the theme in your holiday décor. Hang a bunch of small gold or silver bells on your door knobs; place them on the Christmas tree, in a bowl on the table, on a string above the door or across the room and make a display of different sized bells. Simply hanging a string of interesting bells from the ceiling will bring holiday spirit to the house every time someone brushes past them.


5. Wreaths – Use wreaths both indoors and out, make them unique by creating them from different items. Create a wreath from old family photos, use present wrapping ribbons and bows, balls of colored string, pine cones, various herbs, berries, crystals or even colored feathers.

6. Bring the Outdoors In – Make you decorating theme the traditional plants of Christmas. Place pine tree branches along your mantel, above window frames and tied to the stairway banisters. Choose flowers like poinsettias or amaryllis and display them in vases, on the Christmas tree and in jars. Use berries in bowls, on strings hung across the room and as a wreath to reinforce the outdoor theme.

holiday_candies7. Candy – Make your entire décor theme tie together with candy canes. You can use the canes in a flower display; on the Christmas tree; made into a wreath and glued together or overlapping as a frame above your windows. Together with the candy canes choose a ribbon color to go with them, and remember that there are more colors than just red and white candy canes.

8. Recycling – Set an example to your kids and make your decorations from recycled materials, create a wreath from strips of newspaper; paint bottles in gold and silver to display branches and flower; use old Holiday cards to string along the wall; use fabric to create ribbons, drapes and decorations. Of course brighten up the recycled items with glitter and paint.

9. Candles – Candles can be more than an added extra, they can be the whole theme of your décor, it all depends how many you use. Buy a large quantity of different size and shaped candles in colors which go together and display them on every surface. You can also buy holiday lights in the shape of candles to hang on your Christmas tree.

10. Silver and Gold – A classic and classy décor theme for the holiday season is just to make everything you add silver or gold. Arrange a display of silver bowls, jars and vases; use a silver or gold colored tree or a green tree decorated in a lot of silver and gold; make your Christmas stockings silver and gold; spray “snow” on your windows in silver and gold; paint pine cones, branches and holly in silver and gold and use silver and gold ribbons to tie onto chairs, door handles and the tree.


photo credit: Backdoor Survival

photo credit: Backdoor Survival



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